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Katsur Dental Associates
Main address: Donora Office 15033 Donora PA
(407) 788-6533, ,
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  • Oct 19
  • Dental Services
  • Root Canal
  • 72

I've had terrible service with Katsur Dental in New Kensington. I got a root canal about 4 years ago and everything was fine until maybe a year and a half ago and then I got an abscess right above the tooth I got a root canal on. I brought up to the dentists and every time they would say "oh that happens all the time with root canals" and never did anything about it, they didn't even know I had... Read more

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  • Oct 02
  • Dental Services
  • San Jose, California
  • Rude Dentist
  • 64

Went to one of the local Pittsburgh offices and my girlfriend left there crying. The dentist is problably one of the rudest people I have met with extremely rude comments. My girlfriend and I didn't really go to the dentist as children due to parents not having health care. He told me I had meth mouth, even though I have never seen or touched meth. He then told my girlfriend who is extremely... Read more

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  • Sep 15
  • Dental Services
  • Filling Cavities
  • 35

1st time visit 9/10/15. Told Dr.Damish a filling had been but bothering me intermittently when I would chew food. Pain and extreme sensitivity deep into the nerve. He said his x-rays showed nothing and after having a panoramic done said the same thing. Saying there was nothing there. So that was that. No addressing my concern! Also my previous dentist from last year had told me I had one more... Read more

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  • Sep 12
  • Dental Services
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Cleaning Service
  • 37

Do not go to Katsur dental, the staff is very unprofessional and are only trying to hurry to get you in and out without really trying to solve the issue. First thing they will tell you is what your insurance doesn't cover versus trying to figure out how to solve the actual problem. I went there for a cleaning and because they could not "fix" my issue I had to go to another dentist. When I went to... Read more

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  • Aug 15
  • Dental Services
  • Dental Coverage
  • 99

Gross attitudes... Felt embarrassed about a sensitive issue I am having... The dentist told me I needed two root canals which are pricey... Said my insurance doesn't cover them after 21 years old. Also added to remember that during election time and walked out to help another patient. Didnt even care that i was in pain. Then, I heard the receptionists discussing that I did not in fact have dental... Read more

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  • Jun 27
  • Dental Services
  • Scott Township, Pennsylvania
  • Dental Service
  • 102

Katsur Dental is a horrible place. Least when the cracky dentist was there he was sympathetic to people who couldn't afford crowns every time they went it. The current dentist as mentioned in previous complaints schedules 10 people at one time and then you sit and wait and get called back and sit and wait. Ridiculous. He also has 1 answer to every tooth pain complaint...."it needs a crown"... Read more

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The horrible staff members are unprofessional, always text in on their phones, told my daughter I'm going to need you to stop crying after she had all 4 wisdom teeth out!! I have never been happy there. Not once. Add comment


  • May 12
  • Dental Services
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Pediatric Dental
  • 109

I took my 4 year old for his first dentist visit to Katsur Dental in West View. They started out by attempting a cleaning. The machine scared him a lot and the cleaning was not able to proceed. Then the dentist attempted to count his teeth and check for cavities, but my son wouldn't let them because of the frightening experience he just had with the cleaning. The dentist offered to put a mouth... Read more

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  • May 06
  • Dental Services
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Front Office Staff
  • 113

My sin started orthodontic care October 2013. He was seen approximately 2-3 times since then. Two months ago he had more braces put in. The same day they came off. I called several times to get in asap, no return calls. When finally spike to front office abruptly told it was our fault. Being dissatisfied I inquired with our insurance to do a transition of care. When spoke with Barb in West View ,... Read more

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  • Apr 10
  • Dental Services
  • Bellevue, Pennsylvania
  • Back Teeth Fill
  • 97

I recently was seen at Katsur dental in west view plaza. I was supposed to have two back cavities filled in the back of my mouth and when I left the office I realized my front teeth were uneven and sensitive hrs later. The next morning I call and explained the problem they were very rude and as well very unprofessional! They scheduled me an appt for April 10 which is today to speak w the dentist.... Read more

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